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Our Rooms:
We have dormitory style bunk beds for the budget conscious travelers, double-rooms in three different sizes, and even a special honeymoon suite for the ones traveling in style. All of our rooms (with exception of our dorms) have in-room showers and western-style toilets, plenty of hot water (24 hours guaranteed), comfortable mattresses to rest your weary body after a long journey, and free Wi-Fi Internet access on our property.
Our Mixed Stall (8-person dorm room) is bright and airy with a great view to the Heihui River and the mountains to the east. There are large storage lockers for the massive amount of gear you no doubt are carrying on your round-the-world trip, in-locker electric outlet to charge your electronics securely, tables and chairs overlooking our private courtyard for some quiet reading or web surfing.
Our Foal Stalls (small double-rooms) are cozy and comfortable, featuring in-room showers and western-style toilets. They are perfect for couples or budget minded travelers who likes the convenience and privacy of a standard room. Each room has a 2-meter wide raised platform bed, with two mattresses that can be used separately or pushed together for a couple.
Our Pony Stalls (standard double-rooms) are all located on the southern side of our courtyard. They have in-room showers and western-style toilets, two separate 1-meter wide wooden beds, and more living space compared to our Foal Stalls. The beds unfortunately cannot be pushed together, couples should consider our Foal Stalls, Mustang Stalls, or Honeymoon Mustang.
Our Mustang Stalls (large double-rooms) all face east, which receive the first light of the day with the raising sun. In the Bai minority culture, this is said to bring good luck and fortune, hence the rooms on western side of a courtyard is traditionally reserved for the elders and head of a family. Our Mustang Stalls are even more spacious than our Pony Stalls, featuring two 1.2-meter wide platform beds, in-room showers and western-style toilets.

Our room rates are:

Mixed Stall: 35 RMB per person
Foal Stall: 90 RMB per room
Pony Stall: 90 RMB per room
Mustang Stall: 120 RMB per room
Special (Honeymoon) Mustang Stall 120RMB per room

Please contact us to book your stay. Reservation is recommended for the following major Chinese holidays:

Labor Day Holiday: May 1-3
Dragon Boat Festival: Jun 12-16
Mid-Autumn Festival: Sep 22-26
Chinese National Holiday: Oct 1-7
Horse Pen 46 Guesthouse and Hostel
#46 Sideng Street
Shaxi, Yunnan, China
Phone: (+86) 872 - 4722 299