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Horse Pen 46 Guesthouse is conveniently located in the center of the old town Shaxi, next to the ancient theater stage and right across the square from the historical landmark Xingjiao Temple. The town of Shaxi is located roughly equal distance from Lijiang and Dali, in Yunnan. You need to make your way to the county of Jianchuan first, then take a local mini-bus to Shaxi.

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From Old Town Lijiang:
Take bus No. 11 just outside of the main entrance of Old Town Lijiang to the Lijiang long distance bus station (Lijiang ke yun zhan, 丽江客运站). Catch one of the many buses (¥16) that depart daily for the town of Jianchuan (剑川). The bus journey is around 2.5 to 3 hours.

From Old Town Dali:
Take bus No. 4 or No. 8 to Xiaguan (new Dali). If you took bus No. 4, take a taxi from the last bus stop to the Xiaguan north long distance bus station (ke yun bei zhan, 客运北站). If you took bus No. 8, it has a stop just across the street from the north long distance bus station. Long distance bus service to Jianchuan runs every 15-30 mins from 6:20am to 6:50pm, the cost of the ticket is ¥26 and it takes about 3 hours to arrive in Jianchuan. The whole journey from Old Town Dali to Jianchuan should take around 4.5-5 hours, including time waiting for the bus.

It is also be possible to wave down the bus to Jianchuan on the highway just east of Old Town Dali if you can read the Chinese characters for Jianchuan (剑川), it could save you the trouble of going south to Xiaguan first, but seating is not guaranteed.

Jianchuan to Shaxi:
Once you're in Jianchuan, exit the small bus station. There are mini-bus (van) service to Shaxi (沙溪) just outside of the long distance bus station. Catch one of the vans to Shaxi (confirm with the driver), the van will depart whenever it has enough passengers. The ride from Jianchuan to Shaxi is 45 minutes. Keep in mind that the mini-bus service only runs until 6 or 7pm, so schedule your arrival to Jianchuan before then!
Once in Shaxi:
The mini-bus will drop you off on the main street in Shaxi (Point A on the map below). Find the old cobblestone street and walk downhill (going east). You will pass a ticket booth on your right hand side, where they will charge you a ¥20 ticket for entrance to the old town (the ticket also covers the entrance fee to the Xinjiao Temple and the Tea & Horse Museum). Keep walking down the street and you will arrive at the town square, also on your right. You will see the old theater stage, a very dominate three-tiered building on the eastern side of the square. The Xingjiao Temple is across the square from the theater stage. Horse Pen 46 is located right behind the old stage, the entrance to our guesthouse is just around the corner on the right hand side of the stage (Point B on the map below).

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Blow is a Chinese-English reference of the words you may need to get to Shaxi. Click on the image for a larger version which you can print out and bring with you.
Horse Pen 46 Guesthouse and Hostel
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Shaxi, Yunnan, China
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